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Satellite Beach CD

1. Razorback
2. Mojave
3. Volcano Juice
4. Mr. Yunioshi
5. Zorba's Theme
6. Tethys
7. Tiger Shark
8. Polaris
9. Black Sea
10. Massachusetts
11. Bouzouki
12. Dorsal Fin
13. Diamondback
14. Outsider
15. Flamin' Eddie's Dragstrip
16. Horizon Riders
17. Psychotronic
18. Silver Coast

2004 Green Cookie Records GC007 (Greek Import)

Wow! Amazing! Green Cookie Records, from Greece (birthplace of democracy and bouzoukis) has issued a Best Of Insect Surfers CD! Included are selections from all three previous CDs, plus 3 rare cover tunes (MassachusettsMr. Yunioshi, and Zorba's Theme) previously available only on compilations! There's even Dorsal Fin, from their 1981 Washington DC-era release, Wavelength! But wait! That's not all! Also on the disc are 4 live videos (yes, it's a DVD too), from 1994 and 2004! With liner notes from Pollo Del Mar's own Ferenc (pronounced FARE-inss, if ya ever meet him) Dobronyi, who also did the layout for Insect Dave's graphics! We love that guy (Ferenc, that is), we love Green Cookie (thanxx Mike Papageorgiou!),and we love YOU out there for supporting us since Summer 1979!!!

$20 Postage Paid


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