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Mesa-Delic CDR


1. Diamondback
2. Orion Canyon
3. Horizon Riders
4. Nomad
5. Polaris
6. Ocotillo
7. Starfish Ranch/Mojave Reef


Activate your inner Morricone with this lovingly hand-burnt compilation of all the Insects' Spaghetti Western-flavored tunes! This was originally issued as swag to accompany a live performance at North Hollywood's El Portal theater for the 'Spaghetti Western Film Festival' there in 2011! Features "Diamondback," "Orion Canyon" (ooh,an alternate pre Infra Green version!), "Horizon Riders," "Nomad," "Polaris," "Ocotillo," and "Starfish Ranch/Mojave Reef!" Music for your ride across the desert sands! Hee-yahh! Comes in a thinline CD jewel case with actual hand-drawn Insect art by Dave himself!

 $8 Domestic / $18 International, Postage Paid

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