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Lyve in the Valley of the Sun CDR


1. Meteorite Shower
2. Third Stone
3. Coolangatta
4. Re-Entry
5. Electric Marlin
6. Bouzouki
7. Grunion Run
8. Horizon Riders
9. Nomad
10. Ursa Minor/Polaris
11. Silver Coast
12. Stingray
13. Vaquita
14. Insect Stomp
15. Starfish Ranch/Diamondback
16. Tiger Shark


Hey kids! Chrome Oxide's first digital recording turned out to be a winner, capturing the Insects one warm summer evening (06/05/04)at a backyard party in Tarzana, California! The cd features the Insects twangin' through 16 tracks (one's a medley) of their trademark psychotronic dueling guitar wizardry! Warning -since this IS a live recording, the fidelity is not exactly "Abbey Road' (actually,this was near 'Hatteras Avenue'!)...but nevertheless a very bitchin' show ! Rockin' beats! Psychedelic pedal effects! Snippets of drunken applause! Less mistakes than usual! Groovy cover art! This was a 'party favor' at the Insect's 20th anniversary show, and we offer the remaining copies to you at only $8.00 postpaid!! Comes in a thinline cd jewel case with actual hand-drawn Insect art by Dave himself!

$8 Domestic / $18 International, Postage Paid

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