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Living Fossils CD

A sonic archaeology of Insect Surfers demos, outtakes, and special tracks, 1988-2018
By popular demand! Living Fossils collects most of the songs that Insect Surfers have contributed to various compilations over the past few decades! Many of these collections have been out of print for years. Also included are various demo sessions that the beach bugs have used as rough sketches for their final recordings! Thrill to your favorite marine arthropods covering Mancini to Bowie! Gasp in amazement as Insect Surfers string together various sounds that actually seem to resemble actual songs! Dig this gnarly relic of sonic archaeology TODAY !!!
1. Insect Stomp
2. Zuma Slam
3. Halley's Beach
4. Polaris
5. Outsider
6. Sunbeam
7. Spiny
8. Massachusetts 
9. Mr. Yunioshi
10. Cycle-Delic
11. Zorba's Theme
12. Surfin' Senorita
13. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
14. Orion Canyon
15. Vaquita
16. Speed Of Life
17. Radar Road
18. Thunderbirds
19. Polaris 86 Demo
$15 Domestic / $25 International, Postage Paid
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