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Insect Surfers: The DC Years Vol. 1 1979-1982



Hooray, at long last, the official document of the original Insect Surfers’ seminal WashingtonDC years! Features a veritable potpourri of ‘Techno-surf Sounds for Youth Under Construction’! (as their  first flyer said !)  From 1979 to 1985,  the Insects rocked the DeScene with their characteristic guitar-and-keyboards dance sounds. With substantial college radio play and extensive and intensive touring, check out what ‘Planet Earth’s Longest-Running Modern Surf Band’ had to offer the world of punk and new wave! TheInsects found themselves playing with such acts as Bad Brains, Echo and The Bunnymen, B52’s, and Iggy Pop, to crassly name-drop a few ! The 1979-82 volume (21 tracks!) centers around 1981’s ‘Wavelength’ LP, and the 1983-1985 volume (16 tracks!) centers around their 1983 ‘Sonar Safari’ EP. Plus you get various demos, 45 RPM releases, and live cuts! Huzzah! The overall sound of the band was different from the present one, in terms of having keyboards and featuring 1/2 to 2/3 vocal tunes. Hear the embryonic David Arnson play guitar and fretless bass! We sell the 2 cds for 8.00 postpaid each (specify what years you want) or as a two-fer for 15.00.  The liner notes are fully documented and detailed, with full-color flyer reproductions and graphics. Thanks to Los Microwaves’ David Javelosa for the vinyl and cassette transfer-to-digital discs!! So come on kids, digg the sonic archaeology and ‘Hang 12’ !!!

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