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Infra Green CD


1. Bay of Bengal
2. DelMarVa
3. Space Park Drive
4. Orion Canyon
5. El Diablo Habanero
6. Pinto Pacer Duster Gremlin
7. Plankton Dance
8. Sea Scorpion
9. Par Avion
10. Pineapple Skies
11. Vaquita
12. Crab Crusher
13. Kitsune
14. Radar Road
15. Infra Green


After 10 long years of anticipation, Insect Surfers are back with a vengeance, featuring a stellar new lineup and 15 newly recorded tracks that see them at the top of their game!  The new album Infra Green is chock-full of the intricate dual-guitar interplay the Insects have become known for, never losing sight of their characteristic, charismatic and unforgettable songwriting.  The psychedelic surf instrumentals uniquely created by founding member David Arnson are brought to life with a renewed vigor, spirit and energy with the help of the solid new lineup of guitarist Michael Abraham (Mads Tolling, Donovan, Space Blaster), Fender bassist Jonpaul Balak, and the return of Death Valley Coastline drummer extraordinaire Jeff Utterback!


Captured by the legendary Steve Refling at Venice's Lincoln Lounge, the album's production is as intense and moving as the Insects' live show, with many tracks being virtual "live" recordings with little to no overdubs, often being the very first take! The album will take the listener on a musical journey unlike any other currently available, through a colorful and vivid sonic landscape of Eastern melodies, outer space encounters, 70s automobile punk, endangered sea creatures, intergalactic Spaghetti Western, Link Wray rock, Morse code grooving, feel good beach lounging, all out electric guitar shredding, peaceful spiritual exploration, and so much more!


Infra Green features 12 brand new Insect Surfer tunes, a re-envisioning of an old D.C.-era tune ("DelMarVa"), a cover of Pell Mell's "Par Avion," and an epic groover that features inimitable guest guitar solos by none other than Paul Johnson (The Belairs, The Galaxies, PJ & Artie, The Packards, The Surfaris, The Duo Tones, Guitars, Inc.), Ferenc Dobronyi (Pollo Del Mar, Frankie & The Poolboys, The TomorrowMen), Jim Thomas (The Mermen, The Shitones), and the king of fuzz himself, Davie Allan!





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