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Death Valley Coastline CD


1. Tiger Shark
2. Razorback
3. Psychotronic
4. Third Stone
5. Diamondback
6. Walking Distance
7. Bengazi
8. Stingray
9. Ocean Maid
10. Re-entry
11. Volcano Juice
12. Huntington Beer Dance
13. 77 Gaza Strip
14. Mig Alley

1996 Marlin Records 002


Features the 5 East/West studio tunes and 9 more exciting instrumentals! Fuzz Master Davie Allan guests on lead guitar on "Volcano Juice", and we cover The Buzzcock's only instrumental-"Walking Distance". Slightly thicker guitar tones and feedback than on Reverb Sun, we captured more of our 90s live sound on this one.

$15 Domestic / $25 International, Postage Paid

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